Geraldine Frost
Biographical Information
Name: Geraldine Frost
Title: Champion of Nike
Allegiance: Pantheon
Species: Gypsy
Powers: Precognition
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Violet
Weapon Nike’s Sword, Vic (former)

Geraldine Frost is the mother of Grace Frost and grandmother of Gwen Frost.

Biography Edit

Geraldine Frost can see the future and runs a Fortune Teller business in Ashville, a town not too far always from Cypress Mountain. A couple of times a week, Gwen sneaks off the Mythos Academy campus to see her grandma and enjoy the sweet treats that Grandma Frost is always baking.

She is often seen with many colorful scarves, with fake silver coins, wrapped around her.

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