Logan Quinn

Logan Quinn
Biographical Information
Name: Logan Quinn
Age: 17
Allegiance: Pantheon
Species: Spartan
Powers: Weapon Proficiency
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon Sword of Thanatos

Logan Quinn is the best fighter at Mythos Academy. Since he is a Spartan, Gwen describes him as being a dangerous, super hot man-whore with oozing bad-boy charm. His voice has a rich, throaty timbre.


When Logan was younger, he saw his mother and sister murdered by reapers. His mother told him and his sister to run, but his sister stayed and fought back, Logan hid in the closet watching the reapers brutally kill his mother and sister. His relationship with his father is strained after this, but it eventually improves. This was one of Logan's darkest secrets and regrets, wishing he could have fought and protected his family.


Physical description

Everything about Logan screamed bad boy, from his thick, silky, ink-black hair to his intense ice blue eyes to the black leather jacket that highlighted his broad shoulders.

Abilities and skills

Logan, because he is a Spartan can pick up any object and use it to kill what he wants.


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