Mythos Academy Wiki
Biographical Information
Name: Loki
Title: Norse God of Tricks and Deceit
Allegiance: Reapers of Chaos
Species: God
Powers: Chaos Magic
Status: Deceased
  • Hel (daughter)
Physical Description
Hair Color: Blond/Black
Eye Color: Blue/Red

Loki is the Norse god of Chaos.


Once upon a time, Loki caused the death of another god and was imprisoned for it. Loki's faithful wife Sigyn held the bowl of tears over Loki's face while venom dripped onto it. When the bowl was full Sigyn, went and removed it leaving the venom to drip onto Loki's face, cause him to thrash and move about in pain. The venom also dripped onto Sigyn's hand.

But Loki eventually escaped from his prison and started recruiting other gods, goddesses, humans, and creatures to join forces with him. He called his followers the Reapers of Chaos, and they tried to take over the world. However, Loki and his followers were eventually defeated, and Loki was imprisoned for a second time. To this day, Loki seeks to escape from his prison and plunge the world into a second Chaos War.

Loki tried to possess Logan Quinn's body but after Gwen breaks down Logan's wall and throws Loki out of Logan, he tries to look for a new way for him to become powerful again.

In the end Gwen destroyed Loki's mortal body, making it impossible for him to return to the Mortal realm and cause chaos. Ivy grew around him and imprisoned him in the God's realm forever.


Loki is the god of Trickery, and deceit. he's evil, cruel and malicious. He doesn't care about who he uses to get what he wants as long as he wins.

Physical description

Loki's face was half beautiful and half corrupted, after Gwen used the Candle of Ra, it made him face become full Reaper.

Abilities and skills