Mythos Academy Wiki

The Academy

The academy is located in the Cypress Mountain, North Carolina, which is a ritzy suburb high in the mountains above the city of Asheville. The academy is a boarding school/college for warrior kids- the descendants of ancient warriors, like Spartans, Valkyries, Amazons, and more. The kids at Mythos range in age from first-year students (age sixteen) to sixth-year students (age twenty-one). The kids go to Mythos to learn how to use whatever magic and skills they posses to fight against Loki and his Reapers. There are other branches of the Academy located throughout the world.

The heart of Mythos Academy is made up of five buildings that are clustered together like the loose points of a star on the upper quad.

Library of Antiquities

Library of Antiquities.jpg

The library is the largest building on campus. In addition to books, the library also houses artifacts-weapons, jewelry, clothes, armor, and more-that were once used by ancient warriors, gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures. Some of the artifacts have a lot of power, and the Reapers of Chaos would love to get their hands on them to use them for Bad, Bad Things.

  1. Balcony of Statues
  2. Check Out Counter
  3. Artifact Case
  4. Raven's Coffee Cart
  5. Entrance
  6. Book Stacks
  7. Study Area
  8. Offices
  9. Staircase


the gym is the second largest building at Mythos. In addition to a pool, basketball court, and more, the gym also features racks of weapons, including swords, staffs, and more, that the students use during mock fights.

At Mythos, gym class is really weapons training, and students are graded on how well they can fight.

Dining Hall

the dining hall is the third largest building at Mythos. With its white linens, fancy china, and open-air indoor garden, the dining hall looks more like a five-star restaurant than a student cafeteria. The dining hall is famous for all the fancy, froufrou foods that it serves on a daily basis, like liver, veal, and escargot.

English-History Building

Students attend English, myth-history, geography, art, and other classes in this building. Professor Meti's office is also in this building.

Math-Science Building

Students attend math, science, and other classes in this building. But there are more than just classrooms here. This building also features a morgue and a prison deep underground.

Student Dorms

The students dorms are located down the hill of the upper quad, along with several other smaller outbuildings. Guys and girls live in separate dorms, although that doesn't keep them from hooking up on a regular basis.

The Statues

Statues of mythological creatures-like gryphons, gargoyles, and more-can be found on all the academic buildings, although the library has the most statures. They are described from Gwen as super creepy, especially since they always seem to be watching her.