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Julian Preston Ashton
Biographical Information
Name: Julian Preston Ashton
Age: 19
Allegiance: Reapers of Chaos
Species: Viking
Powers: Super Strength
Status: Deceased
Physical Description
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon Helheim Dagger

Preston Ashton was a Viking and Jasmine's older brother that first appeared in Kiss of Frost.


He's introduced for the first time when Gwen arrives at the hotel for the Winter Carnival and meet, during which Gwen is mesmerized by his appearance, thinking he's perfect.

He was the brother of Jasmine Ashton. He's a Reaper of Chaos who was completed devoted to Loki. He was evil and cunning. He was a former student of Athens Mythos Academy. He was afraid of Gwen. He was skilled with swords. He was killed by Gwen Frost with her Touch magic.


Physical description

He is described as looking like a model from an artsy magazine. Preston has white blond hair, intense blue eyes, and fantastic cheekbones. He has a gorgeous smile with two tiny dimples in his cheeks. As other Vikings, he has a muscular and built body.

Abilities and skills