Savannah Warren
Biographical Information
Name: Savannah Warren
Age: 17
Allegiance: Pantheon
Species: Amazon
Powers: Super Speed
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green

Savannah Warren first appeared in Touch of Frost. She was Logan Quinn's former girlfriend until he broke up with her during the Winter Carnival.She's a strong Amazon who's friends with Talia Pizarrro. Her dorm is at Valhalla Hall.

Biography Edit

Savannah's family were killed by Reapers of Chaos. She's was alive because at that time she was already in Mythos. She dislikes Gwen. She thinks Gwen's the only reason Logan broke up with her. She was framed by Vivian Holler (secret Champion of Loki) to seem to be a reaper. She then forgave Gwen for taking Logan away from her. She loved Logan very much.

Personality Edit

She's a sweet, innocent girl with fierce temper.

Physical description Edit

She is a beautiful girl with curly red hair and intense green eyes.

Abilities and skills Edit

Trivia Edit